How to fix or improve body posture

14 Nov 2017 10:22

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A good body posture can help you to lead a healthy life. In today's competitive world and busy lifestyle people don't get enough time to look after their diet, workout, body posture which are needed to take care of healthy living. Some people take their fitness for granted and avoid paying attention to their workouts, yoga or any exercise.

Unhealthy diets, irregular timings of meals, stress and anxiety leads to various Life-styles diseases. Posture disorders, like improper sitting posture in front of computer, working all day leaning on screen leads to aching necks, vertigo and other spine –related issues.

we forget about a balanced and appropriate body posture and choose wrong position to sit and stand, which can cause an unhealthy body. Bad body posture can cause permanent damage to our Spinal cord ,mainly back and shoulder bone, and can trigger a painful condition. Sitting in good body posture can prevent you from painful stress and situation.

Bad body posture may develop from poor sitting, standing or sleeping habits.
These are the symptoms of bad body posture:
 Back & body ache and pain
 headache
 Rounded shoulders
 Head leans either forward or backward
 Bent knees while standing and walking

Good back posture helps you keep your bones, joints, muscles function properly. You can fix your body posture by following few healthy habits in your daily life.

Fix or improve body posture:
 Don't sit for long in same position, take a break (take a walk in every half or one hour)
 Stretching or workouts regularly
 Sit straight, never stand in bent posture
 Avoid pushing head forward
 Sleeping in with your back toward bed is advisable (try to maintain this position)
 Start driving sitting in good posture
By maintaining good body posture you can keep your bones healthy, muscles flexible, strong joints, which helps to lead a healthy life.

Benefits of good posture:
 Healthy living
 Reduced back and neck pain
 Improved breathing
 Makes you taller and slimmer
 Makes you look good and confident
 Helps you be in good mood
 Improves memory and learning
 Improves testosterone
 Improves body language

Good body posture reflects on your overall health and personality. To keep your body posture good, You must recognize your postural habits at your work place and home.
If needed consciously observe your posture and enjoy a good and happy life.
Stay Healthy!!

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